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Samba classes

31 Mar

Part of living in a community in Rio is that you also have the chance to mingle into the local culture. The community organizes every week different classes going from samba & Forro (dance from the North of Brazil) to Kickbox classes. Its a nice opportunity to have a free workout, learn and meet new people.

When staying in the Safetyinnrio, we’ll gladly inform you about the events taking place.


Rainforest as your garden

31 Mar
Safetyinnrio is located on the Morro da Babilônia. The views from the hill are truly breathtaking. The deep blue ocean and the beauty of the forest, interspersed with landmarks such as Sugarloaf Mountain truly do justice to Rio’s nickname “The Marvelous City”.The trail follows an easy 2-km route in an environmental protected area. The walk through the Atlantic Rainforest offers a wonderful introduction to Rio’s vegetation and mountain views. The hike takes about 1-2 hours, depending on the time taken to make pictures of some of the best views over Rio. 

More than a house

31 Mar

Safetyinnrio is more then just a house or a place to sleep. We hosted already many people from over the whole world. In many cases friendships where build with not only the house’ residents but also with the locals of the community. For sure a lifetime experience never to forget !

The safest place in Rio

8 Feb

There is indeed no safer place in Rio nowadays than this small community called CHAPÉU MANGUEIRA, in LEME.

Chapéu Mangueira is a former favela controlled by traffickers recently taken over by a 24-hour-Peace-Making-Police Patrol called UPP which has restored peace  to the community and enhanced tourism.

The Association of Residents (AACM) has developed a very interesting tour through the hills giving visitors a unique opportunity to see old Army Vigil Posts, as they pass by old preserved vegetation such as the Pau-brasil tree, heliconias augustas, along with marmosets, macaws and son on, besides learning a bit of the history of the community meeting traditional families…

Stay in an unique environment AND learn the local language

1 Mar

The idea is that you’ll be able to have a brief compact introduction to the language (Portuguese and Spanish – English for local visitors) in a selection of theme phrases!

And the nicest part? We don’t charge you anything. A huge advantage compared to the cost of language classes in Rio ! It’s part of the philosophy of the house to help people and get them integrated in Rio’s local culture. Noting helps you better to be threaten as a local when you master the language !

See you in SafetyInnRio


1 Mar

Hi, this is to show how wide can a be a simple hosting relationship can become.

The opportunity is for us to be able to discuss different issues before coming

to our midst…. Express yourself!

Hello world!

24 Feb

Hi, everybody!

This is an attempt to make a difference in what respects to hosting people from all over the world!

Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, from John Lenon’s era, divorced of a Chinese Canadian girl, travelled to 10 different countries, teacher nd interpreter of English, Spanish and Portuguese wants to host people and give them a safe stay in Brazil. Trying to see them as freinds more than clients, helping out with some language knowledge, giving objective and brief classes of Portuguese, Spanish and or English during their stay.

Musician, vocalist and guitarist has recorded with fmous people such as Erasmo Carlos. Does versions and compose. Produced recently  nice tune to an instrumental song from Santna (El Farol). Willing to have jm sessions also when guests are music wizards too.

With Christian background, an ex-monk, ex-missionary, ex-everything also trying to gather those who feel rejected by formal orgniztional religious structures.

In other words,  a drop-out with lots of love for life and experiences to share with everybody.

Great-grand son of first photographer in Brazil, MARK FERREZ, well connected is willing to offer a good stay in Brazil, whether Rio, Búzios or Fortleza or elsewhere.

If you’re one of my tribe, get in touch. Meeting people for me is the great thing in life!

Take care.

Sergio Ferrez