About Us

SAFETY INN RIO hosts travelers searching for a vivid experience in a Favela (Slums) recently taken over by a Police Security System called UPP (a 24h-Peace-Making-Police Patrol) granting peace to all Babilônia and Chapéu Mangueira Communities. 

On top of a hill, in a quiet neighborhood called LEME, just before Copacabana. The Residence is a nice 3-storey house with a roof terrace providing spectacular view of the whole Copacabana Beach and even the Christ! We offer a homy-like stay very casual and modest, however safe, charming and cozy.

Chapéu Mangueira’s Resident Association developed an interesting tour through the hills giving visitors a unique opportunity to meet traditional families, learn about their history and marvel at the wonderful sights which are unveiled as they go up passing by famous ancient trees such as Pau-Brasil, flowers like heliconias augustas, besides marmosets, macaws, and so on, culminating with a special luncheon at Dona Zazá’s, the daughter of one of the first presidents of the Association.

The founder is a Brazilian teacher of English/Spanish and Portuguese, great-grand-son of first photographer of Brazil, Marc Ferrez, with a 10-year experience living abroad from Canada to Thailand, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Paris and the UK, he is very familiar to Brazilian culture and well-acquainted providing good information and important tips for the guests, including Portuguese classes with basic sentences for those interested in learning a bit of the local language.


E-mail: sferrez@gmail.com

Tel: +55 21 8191 1026


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