Hello world!

24 Feb

Hi, everybody!

This is an attempt to make a difference in what respects to hosting people from all over the world!

Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, from John Lenon’s era, divorced of a Chinese Canadian girl, travelled to 10 different countries, teacher nd interpreter of English, Spanish and Portuguese wants to host people and give them a safe stay in Brazil. Trying to see them as freinds more than clients, helping out with some language knowledge, giving objective and brief classes of Portuguese, Spanish and or English during their stay.

Musician, vocalist and guitarist has recorded with fmous people such as Erasmo Carlos. Does versions and compose. Produced recently  nice tune to an instrumental song from Santna (El Farol). Willing to have jm sessions also when guests are music wizards too.

With Christian background, an ex-monk, ex-missionary, ex-everything also trying to gather those who feel rejected by formal orgniztional religious structures.

In other words,  a drop-out with lots of love for life and experiences to share with everybody.

Great-grand son of first photographer in Brazil, MARK FERREZ, well connected is willing to offer a good stay in Brazil, whether Rio, Búzios or Fortleza or elsewhere.

If you’re one of my tribe, get in touch. Meeting people for me is the great thing in life!

Take care.

Sergio Ferrez


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